Attention Christians who are seeking clarity of purpose and direction for the season ahead!

Ignite Your Spiritual Passion, Inhabit Fresh Revelation & Incarnate God's Glory In Every Area of Your Life!

Discover Your Part In God's Prophetic Timeline!

Exactly what is the narrative and story line for the next 30 plus years? What spiritual time is it and where are we now?

Ecclesiastes 3 says there is a time and place for everything. It is critical to be properly aligned with God's timing. God has scheduled and ordained certain things to take place at this precise juncture of time in history.

For hundreds of years much of the church has presumed a certain timetable - and across the board generation after generation has been wrong and out of sync with God's timetable.

Marching OrdersWe must learn that receiving our marching orders starts with delving into this issue of timing.

4 R's are identifying marks of what we'll experience over the next several decades - Revolution, Revival, Reformation and Renaissance.

These 4 R's are identifying marks of what we'll experience over the next several decades:

  • Revolution will take place as an old system is overthrown and replaced with a new wineskin.
  • Revival will ignite us, dispelling our spiritual listlessness, depression, and overall weakness as we become properly aligned with God's time and vision for our generation. Without a proper vision people grow listless. Listlessness is going to be eradicated by a fresh revelation of vision.
  • Reformation will advance as we understand our marching orders and learn how to show up in the 9 to 5 world.
  • Renaissance will bring the advent of an entirely new level of the knowledge of the glory of God filling our hearts and filling the earth.

Not only is everything changing, but the pace is accelerating.

Our generation will begin to know aspects of God at warp speed that we've not currently even thought about. What does God look like in cities and nations? What does God look like in Media, Arts, Government, Education, Economy, Family - as well as in Religion.

There is progressive insight and understanding as to what it can look like when God is displayed in every area of culture. It's not enough to just know that He belongs in the 7 mountains. We must intentionally begin to study and pursue the nuanced expressions of how He desires to show up and partner with us.

God isn't a set of rules or principles. He looks like something very specific in every area of society and He's inviting us into His timing and His strategies as we receive and understand His marching orders.

We must ground our new marching orders from scripture.

Securing new revelation on familiar passages from God's Word is an important foundation for each of us as we find our place in the greater narrative. As we combine Spirit and Logos it infuses us with the faith and courage that's required to embrace our new and expanded assignment.

Do you feel like...:

  • You were born for such a time as this.
  • Our assignment is immense and you have an important role in it.
  • Your personal battles are intricately connected to the greater war that's over the knowledge of God filling the earth.
  • We live in a day of endless possibilities and nothing is impossible.

If so, then we invite you to join us to discover a new paradigm that will ignite your body, soul, and spirit. It's called...


7 Mountain Renaissance

The Seven Mountain Renaissance

Vision and Strategy Through 2050


In The Seven Mountain Renaissance, you'll discover a refreshing new perspective of the changing times we live in—an era of kingdom advancement that will be history's greatest renaissance. Where the first renaissance was all about man advancing, this time it's all about the knowledge of God filling the earth through His sons and daughters in every area of culture.

You will see America's spiritual and historical foundation in a way that helps clarify what our mission must be in restoring God's correct reputation to society. This class is filled with rich revelation and will empower you with a voice of love regarding the latest hot topics in our generation, without compromising truth.


These 9 Lessons will give you spiritual perspective and then equip you with practical tools to bring God's glory into every arena of your life:

Lesson 1: Caleb-Vision and the Era of Renaissance

In this lesson we describe what an Era of Renaissance is and the fundamental difference between the original 300-year Renaissance period and the one we have just stepped into. As our new understanding of Renaissance frames our "Promised Land" for us, it becomes imperative for reformers to understand that everything is won or loss in the way "Promised Land" is seen. We will identify the different processes between anointed seeing (Caleb-vision) and un-anointed seeing (10 spy-vision). This lesson lays the foundation for all subsequent lessons.

Lesson 2: Renaissance In The Church (Part 1)

ChurchHere we explore what the Era of Renaissance will look like in the mountain of religion. We will take a close look at the difference between Influence and Domination and therefore which framework of thought we must carry. As we look at the religion landscape we want to recognize specific geographical trends as well as a core theological shift. Finally we want to address the reality that our "Judeo-Christian roots" are made up of two very different roots one represented best by the person of John Calvin and one best showcased through George Fox. One influence is on its way out and one is on its way to being the ruling influence.

Lesson 3: Renaissance In The Church (Part 2)

In lesson 3 we will continue looking at the coming shifts, trends and changes coming to the church. The competing faces of Calvin and Fox left us competing doctrines that have essentially warred against each other for the last 400 years- both under the guise of "Judeo-Christianity". We will cover four specific competing doctrines and then look at three significant Renaissance trends that we will watch play out in the church in the coming decades.

ClassroomLesson 4: Renaissance In Education

Here we will a look at what Renaissance will look like in the very important mountain of education. Education is essentially Religion 2.0 as it disciples our children ten times more hours than even for church-goers. We want to look at 3 major trends that will be working its way into education. 1) Left to Right brain 2) Personalized instruction 3) IQ to EQ. We also want to look at necessary and coming curriculum reform and from that explore what kingdom-advancement would look like in this sphere.

Lesson 5: Renaissance In Family

Perhaps no mountain is in greater need of attention than that of family. Failed families are often the root cause to ripple effect ills of abortion, sickness, sexual confusion, the opioid crisis and so many other matters. The mountain of family is also the mountain where health, medicine and counseling take place and those are areas that will benefit perhaps the most from the new advanced knowledge of God (Renaissance) that is coming. The main advancements that will come to this mountains will be as we properly process how Jesus interacted with the broken and we will look at that as perhaps are most important points from this lesson.

U.S. CapitolLesson 6: Renaissance In Government

In lesson 6 we will take a look at what Renaissance might look like in government. We will address a primary call to bring transparency as that is what light does. Also we will take a significant look at the role of the United States among the nations and the burden of being a Lead Nation. In that 5 primary assignments for the United States government will be looked at as those God-given assignments are the catalysts for the coming Renaissance in government.

Lesson 7: Renaissance In The Economy

Our seventh lesson will take us into the world of business and economic matters. We will look at how business is ministry. We will address the test of abundance that is coming and what that is about. Moving forward there will be the prolific rise of kingdom entrepreneurs and some of these will function as Minsters of Wealth. As time permits we will explore the 7 marks of these coming Ministers of Wealth.

RadioLesson 8: Renaissance In Media

Here in lesson eight the present battle in media will be addressed. Then we will look at the rise of a Renaissance Media Army that will explode beginning in 2020. Central to understanding our assignment here we must understand the competing powers of good news and bad news. Good news is a testimony that lifts a soul and in some way connects to God. Stand alone bad news is a testimonial to the randomness of life and the unlikelihood of their being a God with any real sway. We will leave you with practical take aways for how to cooperate with the coming Renaissance in Media.

Lesson 9: Renaissance In Arts & Entertainment

Finally, we will look at how our creative God will shine in the arts and entertainment world. The assignment here is not primarily to save souls but to display God's greater creativity in story, in music, in art, in fashion, in dance etc. As the Era of Renaissance sets in Hollywood will become Holy Wood. We will look at what it means to be a Thermostatic Christian on this overall mountain that we are calling "Hollywood".

Join Johnny and Elizabeth as they awaken your spirit to a fresh conviction of the limitlessness of our God!


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It is valuable to learn as we arise and shine, Jesus is committed to doing the big changes through us. We are made in His image to dispel darkness so that people will recognize that there is a God and He is good.

I really appreciate the clarity of Johnny and Elizabeth's teaching that flows through them. I realize now every area of culture is meant to showcase who God is.

While I was already familiar with 7 mountain mandate. Johnny and Elizabeth's teaching shifted my perspective. I like how they use scriptual references and the strong affirmation of what Jesus was saying about our roles (e.g. salt and light).

GOD'S Kingdom reigning on earth through us will allow Justice to rule and will cause entire cities to run as they should. God could fulfill His plans for earth... all on His own... but He has chosen to have us partner with Him and to bring reformation through us.

I'm getting to know more about my part in the renaissance - Christ working in me and through me - to bring His Kingdom to earth in every sphere/mountain. I loved what Elizabeth touched on regarding focusing on the positives that God has already begun doing within each mountain instead of the negatives.

I was encouraged to hear that the demonstration of my intimacy with God will influence society. It’s simple yet profound.

It was helpful to understand that WE reveal His Glory in society. I like the simplicify of Johnny and Elizabeth's teaching.


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How This Training Program Works

Starting Tuesday, May 8, 2018, we (Johnny and Elizabeth) are leading this live weekly online training program.

The purpose of this Class is to give you clarity of purpose and direction so that you can partner with God for the season ahead!.

Online TrainingThe LIVE lessons take place online via webinar on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:30 pm Eastern Time (New York) on these dates:

  • Lesson 1: Caleb-Vision and the Era of Renaissance (May 8)
  • Lesson 2: Renaissance In The Church - Part 1 (May 15)
  • Lesson 3: Renaissance In The Church - Part 2 (May 22)
  • Lesson 4: Renaissance In Education (May 29)
  • Lesson 5: Renaissance In Family (Jun 12)
  • Lesson 6: Renaissance In Government (Jun 19)
  • Lesson 7: Renaissance In The Economy (Jun 26)
  • Lesson 8: Renaissance In Media (July 17)
  • Lesson 9: Renaissance In Arts & Entertainment (July 24)

The live classes are interactive, allowing participants to learn from one another, grow, and build COMMUNITY in a safe and trusting environment.

If you miss a live lesson (or all of them for that matter), that is OK because we have replays for each session. After each lesson, you will be provided with a coaching guide to help you process and apply what you are learning.

As a member, you will have access to a private member site with video and audio replays, executive summaries, coaching guides, PowerPoints, and relevant bonus resources to reinforce and supplement what you are learning during the live weekly coaching/training sessions.

You will also have access to a private Facebook group to let you interact and build relationships with other like-minded team members globally.

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Summary of What You Get

9-lesson LIVE training program starting Tuesday May 8, 2018

  • Lesson 1: Caleb-Vision and the Era of Renaissance
  • Lesson 2: Renaissance In The Church (Part 1)
  • Lesson 3: Renaissance In The Church (Part 2)
  • Lesson 4: Renaissance In Education
  • Lesson 5: Renaissance In Family
  • Lesson 6: Renaissance In Government
  • Lesson 7: Renaissance In The Economy
  • Lesson 8: Renaissance In Media
  • Lesson 9: Renaissance In Arts & Entertainment


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The Seven Mountain Renaissance
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Blessings to understand your marching orders!

Johnny and Elizabeth

Johnny and Elizabeth Enlow
Cofounders of R.I.S.E. (Refomers Influencing Society Every Day)


James GollJohnny and Elizabeth Enlow are social reformers at heart, as well as international speakers and authors of The Seven Mountain Prophecy, The Seven Mountain Mantle, Rainbow God, The Seven Mountain Renaissance, Becoming A Superhero, and God in Every Season.

As ones focused on the reformation of the 7 primary areas of culture, they are spiritual mentors to many in Media, Arts and Entertainment, Government, Family, Religion, Economy, and Education.

Their passion is to awaken our generation to the reality of the God of all of life, Who not only cares for our souls, but also has practical solutions to offer through His sons and daughters for every problem that exists in society.

7 Mountain Renaissance